Getting personal for the Holidays

iphone 6 lifeprof caseThe holidays are a beautiful time of year in Destin Florida.  There are lights, decorations and joy during our Christmas season but the joy can turn into confusion when ContentBeachServicetrying to get your family members the perfect gift.  This year why not make it personal and by that I mean why not give a gift that is personalized to whom you are getting it for.  There are many gifts that one could personalize that fits people who live along the coast.  An example of this is a monogrammed iphone 6 lifeproof case.  While you could probably get any phone case personalized, for Destin I recommend it being a Lifeproof case because of all of the activities we do around sand and water.  Another great personalized gift is an embroidered set of beach chairs from GUSU Paddle Sports.  GUSU is known for paddle board rentals in Destin but they also provide beach chair services along the coast and have an in house beach chair manufacturing service right here in Destin and they can customize a set with specific colors and embroidering upon request.  These are just a couple of personalized gift ideas for people who live along the coast.

Home tours in Destin

era2014There are lots of activities to do while in Destin but one that is a little different, especially if you may consider making Destin your future home and that is home tours.  I recently went on a home tour of my own and visited several open houses.  It was a lot of fun, no really I actually enjoyed seeing the different styles of homes.  I did see homes that I could not afford but also saw some that I could.  There are some very creative home interior designs especially in Destin homes and just getting some inspiration from their designs was worth the trip.  On occasion you can find a parade of homes where you can really see some beautiful homes.  While touring homes isn’t for everyone, it can be fun.  For a complete list of open houses check the Emerald Coast Homes Online website HERE.  As for home tours, they are usually advertised in the Destin Log which you can find HERE.

Five things to do to bring your vacation home with you

gulfworldSo you are visiting the panhandle of Florida, you have about a week to take it all in before you go back home.  Here are some things you can do to bring the vacation feeling back home with you.

1.  Spend some time on the beach and get a fresh off the beach tan.  Make sure to use plenty of sun tan lotion because the last thing you want is for your tan to peal off if you know what I mean.  When you get back your friends are sure to ask where you have been and that will refresh your vacation memories.

2.  Get a fresh haircut, hair coloring or highlight.  Paradigm Dry (A Panama City hair salon) at Pier Park in Panama City Beach provides those services as well as blow dry services so you can try a new style.  Go home refreshed.

3.  Book your next vacation rental before you leave.  There are numerous companies like destinresorts.net and whitesandvacationrentals.com that can help you plan your next visit.  Bringing that reservation home with you will remind you of the great time you had and will have next year.

4.  Do a lot of things while you are here.  Experiences can be brought home and be cherished unlike a nice meal which is quickly forgotten.  Experience a dolphin cruise, a fishing charter, a pirate cruise, jet skiing and even a day of biking.

5.  Buy some souvenirs.  There are plenty of places to buy a T-Shirt, you can even have one air brushed at the Walmart in Destin.  When visiting Gulf World or taking a cruise, buy the picture.  I know you can easily take your own picture but if you buy the touristy picture they usually come in a nice frame which you are more likely to display than a picture hidden among thousands on your phone.  I still remember the Sea Lion from Gulf World kissing me because the picture is in my living room and has been for years.

While you might not get to stay longer than a week, the memories can last a life time.  See you when you come back.