Destin Jet Ski Rentals

Destin Jet Ski rentalsThere is nothing more fun than Destin jet ski rentals.  Imagine cruising along the coast on a jet ski with your friends beside you on one as well.  The rush of the speed, the ocean spray cooling you off and the occasional dolphin sighting.   It is a very popular thing to do in Destin.  But not all jet ski rental companies and locations are equal.  Let me explain.  Renting a jet ski along the harbor can be intimidating here is why.  A good portion of the harbor is a no wake zone meaning you have to go slow, the water can also be choppy and when going slow on a jet ski in choppy water can be nerve racking.  And if your destination is Crab Island you are going to speed a portion of your rental time within the no wake zone.  What I like to do is rent a jet ski from Crab Island water sports, there is a very short no wake zone, the area is not as congested as the harbor and I get time to get used to the jet ski while cruising to Crab Island, this is especially important if you have children with you.  I always shop around first but I make sure to factor the actual amount of time I get to use the jet ski along with the reliability of  it before renting one.  Does not do any good to rent a ski just to putt around in no wake zones or worse being broken down in the middle of a congested harbor.  Here is the link to learn more about Destin Jet Skis rentals.